• Anyone experienced with bluestone patios? Is this toast?

    I agree with Clear Shine.
    Splitting and crumbling are signs of spalling stone-a terminal issue in most cases.
    Yes it can be cleaned off but if the water/moisture issue under the stone isn't corrected then theres little hope of it staying uniform.
    Color enhancers on stone with those type of issues will even make it worse and the color enhancer will fail.
    Not sure whats on the surface other than efflorescence .
    I can tell you that over the years my risk analysis has improved because I don't get involved with these type of jobs.
    We do a lot of stone work with predictable results. Polish this-hone that-flatten,seal and coatings of course.
    We get paid ,get good reviews and move forward. These jobs can have the potential to stall your forward movement.
    I look at it like this-to work with the law of averages you will get bad jobs every so often. Human nature resists that thought and makes it hard for us to say no. But if you can be disciplined this is one to consider saying no thanks on.
    I could be wrong so you have to analyze the job.
    I will tell you that I am getting better at saying no and it has seemed to improve my business.
    Sometimes my no's have taken on an almost rap like quality.
    Hope that helps
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