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    Published on 06-14-2012 06:29 AM  Number of Views: 2031 
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    Steps Of A Sale
    By: Steve Boyt, CEO, TMT Recovery

    It’s been said many times, “Nobody gets paid until somebody sells something.” This is true of almost any industry, public or private, including the government. Doesn’t someone have to be sold on funding government projects and salaries? It holds true everywhere and especially rings true when you own your own business. After all, selling is the oldest profession in the world. You thought it was something else? Didn’t someone have to convince someone else it was worth paying for?
    Published on 06-12-2012 03:02 PM   

    The Bare Truth about Stone Impregnating-Sealers

    An article by Maurizio Bertoli
    , Director of Education of the ITCS

    The past 12 to 15 years witnessed the birth and phenomenal surge of a type of product for which nobody had ever felt the need for since mankind started to use stone, which means since the stone-age. All of a sudden, the last decade of the twentieth century brought about the awareness that, without it, we could no longer live.
    I’m talking about sealers for stone, also more appropriately referred to as “impregnators.”

    What happened, that caused this kind of frantic need for something that nobody ever needed before just about overnight?
    Ignorance happened!

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